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Health and Safety
Benefits of Infrared Heat 


Clean Heat

Reduces dust – Unlike forced air heating systems, our infrared radiant heating panels do not blow dust or allergens.

UL Approved

No emissions – Heating Green’s infrared radiant heaters do not release any emissions,

chemicals or pollutants — meeting all UL safety standards.


Soothe Aches

Therapeutic relief – Our infrared heaters produce radiant heat waves like the sun ~

transferring warmth to the body, gently increasing circulation providing pain relief.


Silent Operation

No distractions – a pleasant ambiance day and night. An area with no interruptions to pull our

attention away from priorities.

Solis Movement website:

Our Staff visited this studio in Toronto a few years ago to try the heat! That is

how me made the decision to go with the infrared heating system.


Benefits of FAR Infrared Heat

 Detoxifying properties

 Activates healthier skin

 Reduces allergies

 Boosts your immune system

 Reduces pain & inflammation

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