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Allison Ayotte
February 2023

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself - where you were born, where you grew up, career, hobbies, interests, etc.


I grew up in Watertown and Brownville, NY.  I attended college at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts and earned my Master's Degree in education at SUNY Oswego.  


After teaching 3rd grade in the Oswego City School District for several years, I shifted gears to work with college students at SUNY Oswego. The positions I have held focus on academic success, learning science, and helping students transition successfully from high school to college.  Later this month, I will begin a new role coordinating part of the tutoring center at SUNY Oswego.


Besides yoga, my hobbies include hiking, running, music, and reading. I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews.


2. What brought you to the Bikram yoga / yoga practice? Where did you first learn about Bikram yoga/yoga?


I heard about Bikram yoga from a couple friends who enjoyed it. I saw a deal on Groupon several years ago and decided to check it out.


3. How often do you practice?


I generally practice two to three times a week. It used to be less because I was more focused on running, but I could see the benefits and realized it would benefit me to do it more often.


4. What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking your first class? What changes have you seen/felt in your body- overall physical and general well- being?


I don't recall where I was on my health and wellness journey when I first started taking Bikram Yoga, and I didn't start out doing it on a regular basis.  Committing to regular yoga practice was more recent.   It helps me work out muscle tension and maintain my flexibility, especially during stressful times.


5. What are the greatest benefits of your practice?


Balance, flexibility, and the opportunity to get out of my head and into the moment


6. How has this practice changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?


2022 was a challenging year for me, both physically and emotionally.   I had some health issues that took a while to figure out, and in the process, they wreaked havoc on my whole body and lifestyle.  Yoga was one of the few things that helped me feel better.  I am so grateful for my friends and fellow yogis at Blossom Yoga and Wellness. 


7. What is your favorite part about Blossom Yoga and Wellness?


The people! And of course the gorgeous, heated studio.  You will always encounter a caring person when you come to yoga

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