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Jennifer Ruta

March 2014

Tell us a little bit about yourself - where you were born, where you grew up, career, hobbies, interests, etc. 

Like most of my fellow students, I've grown up and lived here in Central New York. I'm enjoying my second career as a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist with a private practice in Fulton. After having spent nearly 20 years working for a Radiology practice, I am enjoying working on the other side, a happier side of health care.

What brought you to the Bikram yoga practice? Where did you first learn about Bikram yoga? 

My first awareness of Bikram Yoga came from overhearing a random conversation at a shop in Armory Square. It sounded intriguing, a bit off the beaten path from a more typical yoga practice. I gave it a try and loved it instantly!

How often do you practice? 

I've been practicing at the Oswego studio for over five years. Although I've taken a couple breaks over that time, in my mind I'm at yoga everyday! Coming to class consistently four times a week seems to be the perfect fit for me. Sometimes I take five or six classes a week just because it's so nice to be there.

What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking your first class? What changes have you seen/felt in your body- overall physical and general well-being? 

It seems the changes with physical issues are well documented by virtually every student that has had the gift of walking through the doors of the Kingsford House and starting a yoga practice. Quite simply, if something is bothering you physically or mentally chances are good you'll feel better as you move along in your yoga.

What are the greatest benefits of your practice?

Greatest benefits? I think that despite the intense physical nature of the class, the meditative qualities achieved through the flow of the ninety minutes are remarkable. On any given day I may come to class with a roulette wheel of varying physical, mental or emotional issues. I always feel centered and back in my life after I take the washcloth off of my forehead and head back out to the world.

How has this practice changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits? 

When I was nine I suffered a badly broken leg after being struck by a car while riding my bike. I was always outside, playing, running, doing gymnastics, all the active things that kids do. When you are a child, it seems one is blissfully unaware of the limitations of our minds and bodies. As kids, we already have what we seem to seek forever as adults, as yoga students, to live in the moment, to simply, be. For whatever reasons, that accident traumatized me, creating a rift, a detour between me and the balance that comes with an active mind and body. Bikram Yoga has reconnected me to the joy of movement, to the freedom of play, to the feeling of wondrous life as my heart beats, sweat drips and muscles work...the real timeawareness of your mind and body as your very own.

What is your favorite part of Bikram Yoga Oswego?

The beautiful staircase! From the first step I take after removing my shoes to the end of the barefoot ascent where I see the smiling face of the teacher.

Sunspots on different parts of the floor as we move through the seasons.

Traveling teachers who bring the world to us.

The shared experience with my fellow students.

The feeling of happiness and gratitude that we have this studio in Oswego, NY. 

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Wherever we live, there are always things that define who and where we are. They are sometimes tangible, like the house where we grew up, or the grocery store where we had our first job, our beautiful Lake Ontario. Sometimes they are a bit more amorphous, like the feeling of a snow day, the smell of green when spring finally arrives to our town, or the taste of Arugula salad after yoga! We miss those things when we are away, and are always happy to greet them when we return. When I pull into the parking lot of the Kingsford house, I feel home.

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