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June McArthur

August 2013

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My husband & I were originally from Fair Haven. We both went to Red Creek Central School, I finished my degree at SUNY Oswego after we retired and moved back home to the North. We traveled for a number of years after my husband was drafted into the Army and we were sent to Huntsville, AL. Couldn't seem to stand the winters after discovering the South. We spent over 30 years in the Florida Keys, but after 16 evacuations and getting hit with Hurricane George', the snow no longer looks so terrible. We've never regretted our decision to move home to Oswego. You don't have to run away for a snow storm or blizzard. 

What brought you to the Bikram yoga practice?

I had done Bikram Yoga in Key West about 12 years ago for about 6 months. Never did the Camel though! I had been involved with the YMCA since I moved home but my knees and hips kept hurting with the cold yoga that I finally had to stop and do other exercises and dance classes. I'd get bored and have to try something different. Also, I started falling, my ankles and knees kept giving out or twisting on me. I was concerned whether I could handle the heat at my advanced age but it was so cold in December I figured the heat would feel good. And it was!

How often do you practice?

I practice at least 3 times a week, the 6 am class, but I did the 30 day challenge a few weeks ago and I'm so proud of that! I broke through an old injury from 30 years ago, adhesions on a back thigh.

What specific physical issues, if any, did you have before taking your first class? What changes have you seen/felt in your body- overall physical and general well- being?

Bikram Yoga has changed my life! I came in with bad knees & hips, a frozen shoulder and wearing size 16 or large. My frozen shoulder has been gone for months, my hips & knees are much better and I'm not falling any more. I don't know whether it's my balance is better or just all the little muscles around my ankles and knees being strengthened. I've lost 20 lbs., plus my grandmother's double chin! I've given away all my large clothes and may soon be out of the size 14s I've been buying at Thrifty Shopper and Salvation Army! I stand straighter and my shoulders are back where they should be, no more old lady back for me!

What are the greatest benefits of your practice? How has this practice changed your health and life? Any emotional or other benefits?

My husband tells me I look 15 years younger because of Bikram. My skin has lost its dryness and looks healthier. I feel so much better. No more aches and pains, well some during the 30 day challenge. But I saw such physical changes during those 30 days that I plan to do it twice a year.

I take a number of pills for the family genes of diabetes and heart disease. I pay attention to what my body tells me, but my doctor says if my blood pressure keeps going down like it is she'll let me start cutting back on some of them.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We've been vegetarians for several years, trying to go vegan. Bikram helps us both eat better. I am competitive but Sandy, Judy and all the great instructors tell us not to compete with the others. So I compete with myself, and every day is different and I haven't gotten bored once!

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